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Event Guide

On Friday 17th November, HSBC will be hosting the Kids@Work event in the HSBC Tower (from 12pm onwards). The event will be an opportunity to celebrate our working parents, invite our families to join us for a series of fun activities, see the office, meet colleagues, and build our community. Those colleagues who do not wish to participate in the event or require quiet & privacy that afternoon are requested to work from home.

Registration Information

This event requires registration - register here.

  • No registration, no access to the Tower, no exceptions.

  • All children are required to be registered regardless of how many activities they are attending.

  • Registration desks to collect wrist bands for pre-registered families will be on the ground floor near the parking lifts on the day of the event from 12pm, Friday 17th November itself.

  • Please write your mobile number on your child’s wrist band. This is for their safety.

  • All children need to be accompanied by the HSBC staff parent/guardian for the entire duration of their visit to HSBC Tower.

  • Each staff member is permitted to bring one (1) accompanying adult guest only (e.g. spouse, carer). Your guest will also need to be registered in advance. We apologise that we cannot accommodate requests for multiple guests.

·        Certain events have age restrictions. Please see the events tab for more information.


Recommended Age Range

Kids@Work activities and program have been designed for ages 3-16. While you are welcome to bring children younger/older, please consider the recommended age range when planning your day.


Arrival time

  • Registration starts at 12pm and will continue during the day.

  • You may wish to schedule your arrival based on the activities your children are interested in.

  • Most activities are ongoing or occur multiple times, so please review the programme timings and plan accordingly to help stagger attendance during the day.


  • Most events have limited capacity, kindly register your interest early and arrive a few minutes before the session.

  • Please respect the allocated time slots for each activity so we keep waiting times to a minimum and everyone gets to experience the activities.

Floor access

  • Activities are on L5 and L14 and open to all attendees.

  • L15 can be visited to view the ‘Connected office space’ working model as well as access to the 1762 coffee shop.

  • HSBC staff can take only their children to their own floor for a brief desk visit. The parent is permitted to first swipe in their children and then swipe themselves through. The accompanying adult guest will not be allowed on the office floors.

  • Please ensure you strictly follow HSBC’s clear desk policy.

Snack & Drink

  • Each registered child will be provided a complimentary snack box containing select cold and hot food options.

  • Please indicate if your child requires vegetarian options. Given the volume of attendees and the restrictions of the Tower Kitchen, we regret that we cannot accommodate additional dietary requirements.

  • If your child has any specific dietary requirements, please review the menu, available under the Food tab of the registration site, and bring their own snacks.

  • Water stations will be available on L5 and L14 to refill water bottles (please bring your own).

  • Additional food, drink and snack items can be purchased from the coffee shops on L5 and L15.

Tower Parking

  • All HSBC staff can access the Tower parking on the day on a first come first serve basis.

  • Usual overflow parking options can be used once the Tower parking is full.

  • Shuttle buses will be available between the overflow parking and the Tower.

  • Please plan ahead for the parking, pick-up and drop-off of your children and make necessary arrangements to ensure smooth traffic flow on the day.

Activity and Events Descriptions

The following activities have limited capacity, older age recommendations (to be strictly followed) and require additional sign up so that we can manage numbers accordingly. Parents are not permitted in the activity room but are required to be on premises while their child is in session.


Online Safety Awareness:
Beat the Cyberbully and HSBC will be hosting two online safety awareness sessions (for ages 7-12 and 12+) to help children navigate the digital space and manage their online, gaming and social media presence. For the general 1x1 consults, meet Barry earlier in the Curate room on L14. Additional sign-up mandatory at time of registration.


E-Sports Gaming:
Fancy yourself a pro-gamer? Test your gaming skills at our gaming activation on L14, run by Gamers Hub; one of the largest esports + gaming providers across MENA. Open to ages 10+, come and let your child demonstrate their gaming skills with various genres to choose from, including Rocket League, FC 24, NBA 2K and much more!

Racing Car Simulator:
Rate yourself as an F1 driver? Test your driving skills on our fantastic real-life, state-of-the-art F1 Simulator, provided by Gamers Hub. The F1 experience is located on L14 and is open to ages 12+. Make sure you get there early!


Trading for Teens:
Join HSBC Equities for a session on understanding how the market works, the importance of investing and what children can do to build their trading knowledge. For ages 12+. Additional sign-up mandatory at time of registration.


Meet the CEO:
Regional CEO Stephen Moss and UAE CEO Mohammed Al Marzouqi are delighted to host our children for a special session to talk about their dreams as kids, aspirations for the future and how every child is a CEO in the making. There is also the opportunity for unfiltered Q&A! For ages 9+. Additional sign-up mandatory at time of registration.


Additional Sign-up mandatory at time of registration

Online Safety Awareness (12yr+): 1:30-2:00pm - L14 Studio room - Limited, session will be waitlisted once we reach capacity

Online Safety Awareness (7-11yr): 3:00-3:30pm - L14 Studio room - Limited, session will be waitlisted once we reach capacity
Trading for Teens (12yr+): 2:15-2:45pm - L14 open space - Limited, session will be waitlisted once we reach capacity

Meet the CEO (9yr+): 4:00-4:30pm - L14 Studio room - Limited, session will be waitlisted once we reach capacity


First Come, First Served, with time limit to be adhered per game

Racing Car Simulator (12yr+): Ongoing from 12:30pm - L14 Spotlight open area - 1 player at a time, average of 10min per person

E-Gaming stations (10yr+): Ongoing from 12:30pm - L14 Training Room 1 and 2 -- Limited, First come first served, average of 10mins per game

  • Rocket League, FC24, Racing Sim, NBA 2K, CTR, Roblox, Fall Guys

Kids@Work, Friday 17th November, (the ‘Event’)


HSBC Release and Consent: Employee, Guest and Child


Please read carefully.


By registering your child/children for and participating in the Event, you acknowledge and agree the following on behalf of you, your adult guest (‘Authorised Carer’) and your child/children:



  1. Participation in the Event is voluntary and carried out at your and any participant’s own risk;

  2. You or your Authorised Carer will supervise your child/children at all times during the Event;

  3. Your child/children do not have any medical conditions which might increase their risk of injury at the Event; and,

  4. You or your Authorised Carer will take appropriate steps to manage any allergies your child/children have.

Media Content

  1. HSBC (and its agents) have the right the right to take still photographs, videos or other media (the ‘Content’) of you, Authorised Carer and your child/children, in connection with participation in the Event;

  2. HSBC (and its agents) may use, edit and publish the Content for use throughout the HSBC group in connection with the Event, as it sees fit; and

  3. HSBC (and its agents) will own any intellectual property rights (or similar) in the Content.


Shuttle Bus

  1. Use of the shuttle buses provided by HSBC in connection with the Event is voluntary and carried out at your own risk;

  2. You or your Authorised Carer will supervise your child/children at all times whilst on the shuttle buses

  3. You or your Authorised Carer will ensure that your child/children remains seated, wears a seatbelt and follows any other safety guidance provided. 

  4. Shuttle buses will be available between the overflow parking and the Tower (last shuttle runs at 5pm).


To the extent permitted by law, HSBC will not be responsible to you, your Authorised Carer or your child/children for any injury or loss relating to this Event.

Kindly do not bring strollers to the Tower, given the number of attendees and space constraints, they will not be permitted through the barriers.


Disclaimer: This website is operated by TEC Event Management and its affiliates with a license to use the branding of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited ("HSBC") and its affiliates. HSBC and its affiliates accept no legal responsibility whatsoever for the operation of this Site or for any content, material or information contained in this Site. HSBC has no liability for acts or omissions of TEC Event Management or any of its affiliates.

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